Monday, February 18, 2019
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IACM Membership

Membership in IACM consists of the following categories:

a) Individual Members:
      Individual membership shall be open to any person engaged in, connected with or interested in the objectives of IACM and who is a university graduate in engineering, science, mathematics, or possesses equivalent qualifications.

b) Individual Members of National or Regional Associations:
      Each National or Regional Association will communicate the list of its members annually to the IACM Secretariat. The members belonging to a National or Regional Association have the same rights and obligations as the Individual members.

c) Institutional Members:
      The institutional membership category is open to non-profit research institutes, scientific and/or technical societies and universities, whose activities include the objectives of IACM.

d) Corporate Members:
      The corporate membership category is open to industrial organizations whose activities and interests include the objectives of IACM.

d) Honorary Members:
      This category is open to distinguished persons in the field of Computational Mechanics at an international level. Honorary members of IACM will be appointed by the Executive Council. The appointment of honorary members will have no limit of tenure. Honorary members will be permanent members of the General Council and they can take part as guests in meetings of the Executive Council.

Interested in becoming in IACM member?

We encourage all interested in becoming an IACM member to can join via existing 
national and regional organizations . If, alternatively, you prefer to become an Individual Member of IACM, please kindly fill out  this form  and return it to the  IACM Secretariat .
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Erwin Stein. December 19, 2018

Prof. Erwin Stein, IACM Honorary Member, Dec 19, 2018 It is with great sadness that...
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